About us

Leading the green way

The Green Economy will be the pillar for economic development in the coming years.
It is therefore evident how fundamental the energy transaction is for any company or reality that sets itself growth objectives.
It is time to change pace, on all fronts: sustainability is no longer just an environmental problem, but has fully entered the financial and corporate world.
Greeninvest leads the green way with a specific goal: to promote sustainability at 360 degrees by offering innovative and sustainable solutions for a new world, capable of reconciling industrial progress with respect for the environment. A reality that unites the most innovative companies in all fields of the Green Economy and guides them in the process towards sustainability.

We design and develop products and technologies that minimise environmental impact on the territory, creating ever more extensive and diversified ecosystems.

We foster growth opportunities and offer high added value for all stakeholders, reconciling technological evolution with total respect for the environment around us. In two words: sustainable development.

A challenge involving one and all

The climate and environmental crisis is a system challenge that involves everyone, companies, politics, institutions and citizens. That is how it must be treated.

Greeninvest promotes the ecological transition and the adoption of solutions aimed at combating climate and environmental changes, maximising the economic return for all investors.

We contribute to making the world more sustainable through the application of investments linked to 360-degree sustainability (environmental, economic and social) and we support companies to become increasingly green, step by step.

To do this, we look at the most advanced sectors of the economy with creativity, reconciling technological and industrial evolution with respect for the environment.



Sustainability is an integral part of our business model which, through conscious behaviour and actions, aims to minimise any negative impacts along the entire supply chain. Being sustainable, for Greeninvest, means respecting the environment and society, creating value at the same time.


This is the key word of the future. For this reason, we invest in research and development of technologies that guarantee total respect for the environment, not only in terms of energy efficiency or reduction of emissions.


Environmental and economic sustainability are, for Greeninvest, strongly linked to each other. Maximising economic return, while fully respecting the environment and people, is our goal.