Leading the way

Greeninvest is an investment company that caters to realities that develop eco-sustainable projects and products.

By your side for a sustainable future

We believe in the development of a circular economy and we want to contribute to the achievement of sustainable global progress through the constant search for investments in green and innovative companies.

We design and develop products and technologies that minimise the environmental impact on the territory, creating ever more extensive and diversified ecosystems.


Green energy

The transition to green energy is the only way to achieve satisfaction of the world’s energy needs with a view to saving and reducing the environmental impact.
The term Sustainable Development refers to that type of energy production and use that aims not to damage the environment, also thanks to efficiency of energy use.




Smart materials

The perplexities about the extensive use of conventional plastics concern both its production, especially unsustainable sources of supply, and the poor recycling of products in circulation. The solution is to create alternative products with zero impact on the planet with a 100% sustainable supply chain. Smart alternatives exist and are called biopolymers.

Circular economy

Through the constant search for investments in innovative realities, for technology and services in the area of recycling, we pursue the goal of sustainable global progress and the development of a circular economy.


In Europe, the ban on single-use plastics has started

In Italy too on 3rd July the European directive which prohibits the sale of cutlery, plates, beakers and cotton buds came into force. However, Brussels is ready to change its approach, because bioplastics have also ended up under the axe of the legislation Since last July 3rd, the European Union has definitively banned the most […]

From crisis to recovery: the opportunity that Italy must not miss

Economic revival, Recovery Plan, the Draghi government and victory at the European Championship: there are many factors that can restart the Italian economy. Provided that politics, finance and business do their part “The crisis is the greatest blessing for people and nations, because the crisis brings progress”. Albert Einstein was certainly not the first to […]


The company, based in Genoa, avails itself of the collaboration of Angelo Basile, former Senior Researcher at the Institute for Membrane Technology (ITM) of the CNR. Genoa, 24 May 2021 – Hydrogenia is a new Italian company specialised in the development and construction of plants for the production of Ultrapure Green Hydrogen. It is based [...]