Leading the way

Greeninvest is an investment company that caters to realities that develop eco-sustainable projects and products.

By your side for a sustainable future

We believe in the development of a circular economy and we want to contribute to the achievement of sustainable global progress through the constant search for investments in green and innovative companies.

We design and develop products and technologies that minimise the environmental impact on the territory, creating ever more extensive and diversified ecosystems.


Green energy

The transition to green energy is the only way to achieve satisfaction of the world’s energy needs with a view to saving and reducing the environmental impact.
The term Sustainable Development refers to that type of energy production and use that aims not to damage the environment, also thanks to efficiency of energy use.




Smart materials

The perplexities about the extensive use of conventional plastics concern both its production, especially unsustainable sources of supply, and the poor recycling of products in circulation. The solution is to create alternative products with zero impact on the planet with a 100% sustainable supply chain. Smart alternatives exist and are called biopolymers.



Circular economy

Through the constant search for investments in innovative realities, for technology and services in the area of recycling, we pursue the goal of sustainable global progress and the development of a circular economy.


Wall Street also takes sides in defence of the environment

Big finance, with BlackRock in the lead, has made a firm stand. However, the time to act is now: according to the Doomsday Clock designed by Albert Einstein, there are just 100 seconds to total catastrophe If there were still doubts about the irreversibility of the green choice made by the Western world, the latest […]

Recycling, from domestic habits to industrial policy

Only the recovery and reuse of raw materials can save Italy from supply difficulties. To achieve this goal, however, the approval of a national law on the End of Waste is required Perhaps not everyone knows that in Italy there are plants for the production of electricity with a total capacity of 1.2 GW powered […]


The Pandemic has raised the risks of relocation. Controlling the whole value chain would allow you to eliminate dependence on far east, create employment and return to the centre of the world chessboard. After Covid, nothing will be the same as before in world trade. But the cause will not be sought in the virus. […]