In Hydrogenia

The company, based in Genoa, avails itself of the collaboration of Angelo Basile, former Senior Researcher at the Institute for Membrane Technology (ITM) of the CNR.

Genoa, 24 May 2021 – Hydrogenia is a new Italian company specialised in the development and construction of plants for the production of Ultrapure Green Hydrogen. It is based in Genoa, and a subsidiary of Greeninvest, an investment company that caters to green and innovative companies to develop a circular economy and contribute to the achievement of sustainable global progress.

Hydrogenia is ready to activate the hydrogen supply chain and offer increasingly concrete and efficient solutions and technologies, with the mission of carrying out projects for the production and use of “green” hydrogen, entirely obtained from electrolysis of water and powered exclusively by renewable energy.

“We have embarked on a growth path in which hydrogen plays a fundamental role, already in the medium term, due to the significant contribution it can provide in a multitude of sectors”, said Gian Luca Greco, Chairman & CEO of Greeninvest. “Our investment company has always been committed to the development of sustainable energy sources with the aim of actively contributing to the global decarbonisation process.”

A team of leading experts to support Hydrogenia’s projects.

Angelo Basile, Hydrogenia R&D Manager, will be a point of reference for a team of researchers with many years of experience in the field of renewables and in particular hydrogen: having graduated in Chemical Engineering, he specialised in Technical Physics, winning a PhD competition and to date he has already held the prestigious role of Senior Researcher at the Institute for Membrane Technology (ITM) of the CNR, with specific responsibility for the development of ultra-pure hydrogen and CO2 capture technologies. His scientific production is very wide and has allowed him to reach one of the highest h-indexes (50), with 360 active documents in research areas such as Energy, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemistry, etc; and with over 60 international scientific books published as editor. Furthermore, Angelo Basile is Associate Editor of both the Int. J. Hydrogen Energy (IJHE) and the Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Eng. APJCE); as well as Editor-in-chief of the Int. J. Membrane Science & Technology; he is also on the editorial board of over 20 international scientific journals (Processes, Membranes, Chem Eng. L., etc.) in which he has published over 50 special issues.

“Europe has already come a long way in the fight against climate change but just as much remains to be done”, said Angelo Basile, Hydrogenia R&D Manager. “We have numerous projects underway and we are moving towards ambitious goals aimed at developing the green hydrogen supply chain in Italy and around the world. Our team has the necessary know-how to invest in technological innovation by accelerating the energy transition”.