Gian Luca Greco

Chairman & CEO

Gian Luca Greco believed and invested in green technologies long before climate change was declared an emergency. He worked for a long time in the development of renewable energies, a “passion” that he has never abandoned and that he carries on with Energeticamente, a company specialised in wind and photovoltaic parks. His latest venture is called Hydrogenia, a start-up specialising in the production of green hydrogen. Even before Hydrogenia, he founded the bioplastics producer Natur-World. In his professional career, Gian Luca has built plants with a total capacity of over 200 MW. In the field of alternative energies, he has been involved not only in managerial and technical but also in financial aspects. This is an area in which he accumulated a great deal of experience over a decade (1990-2000), during which he carried out investment banking activities with M&A transactions totalling more than 400 million euros, in addition to extraordinary finance transactions totalling more than 1 billion euros.